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Through assessment, West Virginia University's Division of Student Life will generate evidence to assist with decision making within the division regarding the efficiency, effectiveness, and appropriateness of programming, budget allocations and resource management.

Why is WVU Student Life committed to assessment?

  • We are educators who are committed to student learning and improving that learning.
  • We are committed to being responsible stewards of the resources granted to us.
  • The decline in State budgetary support as well as varying enrollment numbers have resulted in uncertainty of budget allocations, and we understand we must be accountable for the use of resources and through assessment we can demonstrate our commitment to that accountability.
  • Assessment results and utilization of results should be included in accreditation reports and strategic plans.
  • Stakeholders, students, and colleagues will have greater confidence in our work when we can show evidence of successes and adjustments in our work based on assessment results.
  • We want to be able to tell our story in the most effective and efficient manner.

WVU Mission and Vision

Look at the mission and vision of WVU as well as the pillars and values that guide our work.

Student Life Goals:
1. Empower students for success through innovative experiences.
2. Inspire students through a vibrant campus life and engage student community.
3. Create transformative experiences to prepare students for post-graduate success.
4. Pioneer programs and services that promote healthy lifestyle choices.
5. Champion a caring and inclusive culture where all students feel welcome.
6. Collaborate with campus partners to attract and retain talented and diverse students.
Learn more about WVU assessment efforts across campus at the       UNIVERSITY ASSESSMENT COUNCIL