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Annual Assessment Cycle

As educators, WVU student life professionals strive to create active student learning environments with student learning and development at the core of programming efforts. The division has adopted the following assessment cycle which supports our commitment to best serve our students:


REPORTING on 2016-17

Workshop - Tuesday, September 12, 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. 

                     Greenbrier Room, Mountainlair

Stage 7 – Finalizing Annual Assessment Report – This stage includes summarizing all assessment projects for the year including such things as date(s) of assessment, brief descriptions of implementation plan, results and interpretation of the data, decisions made based on the data, and follow-up. There is a reporting template required. It can be found here or on the FORMS page. 

PLANNING for 2017-18

  • Stage 1 – Set Assessment Goals (operational and/or learning) – Units are encouraged to assess both operational goals and learning goals.
    • Operational Goals – short-term tactics designed to achieve the Division’s goals and objectives. (ex: improve customer service, impact on student development, results of programs, quality of service, etc.)
    • Learning Goals – knowledge or skill is acquired, attitudes affected or criteria met
  • Stage 2 – Align with Division and Institution Goals – 
  • Stage 3 – Create Annual Assessment Plan – This is the stage that you piece your annual assessment plan together including such things as outcomes, methods of assessment, timeline, etc.


  • Stage 4 – Implement Assessment Plan – 
  • Stage 5 - Gather Data & Interpret Results - At this stage, once your assessment project is complete, gather the data, summarize the information, and interpret the results. 
  • Stage 6 - Take Action Based on Results - This is what assessment is all about. This is the stage when changes are made in the operational focus, resource allocation, policies or procedures, etc.  as a result of information obtained by an assessment project. Clear and easily accessible documentation of any action taken as a result of data obtained during assessment is crucial.

WVU Student Life recognizes that its units within the division are unique and varied. Therefore, each must decide which goals are appropriate to measure in relation to its programming efforts. However, all should be in line with the Divisional goals as well as the WVU pillars and values. Units will also need to define their own student learning objectives and outcomes within their assessment plans.